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Top 6 Reasons Why Hiring a Copywriter Will Give Your Company the Edge it Needs

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Words have power written on wooden blocks. Copywriters can help make your words even more powerful.

Your website serves as a virtual storefront for your customers. It’s the place you roll out to show the world who you are and what you have to offer. When it comes to content marketing, this is where you really have to shine!

The easiest way to accomplish this is through well-written copy, and if you’re unfamiliar with this technique, it’s time to look for a good copywriter. 

What Can’t You Do That a Copywriter Can?

A lot of people wonder why it’s worth it to pay for a copywriter when they see the costs involved. A good copywriter has an eye for the right words at the right time. Using the right combination of words can persuade a customer to make a purchase. When those identical words are rearranged, they can turn off a potential customer and end up costing the business money.

Hiring a copywriter is a good idea if you are unsure of your writing abilities. In addition, an SEO copywriter will be able to assist your blog, article, or even social media profile to rank higher than it would without their expertise in using keywords.

Better yet, copywriters understand how to turn a Google or Facebook click into a sale by appealing to the reader’s emotions. If you can write high-quality content, you can make money doing it.

6 Reasons Hiring a Copywriter is Your Best Idea Yet

Here are six honest-to-goodness reasons why working with a good copywriter is a smart move for any organization looking to expand.

Graphic stating 6 reasons hiring a copywriter is your best idea, yet. Saves time, targets your niche, evokes feelings that draw people in again and again, creates fresh and various content, helps with search engine optimization, solves the problem of your target audience.

1. Hiring a  Copywriter Saves You Time

When you hire a professional freelance copywriter, you hire someone whose job is to write. They are knowledgeable in how to set up what you need, how to seek material that they require, and how to properly arrange the appropriate phrases in the appropriate places.

Instead of spending time on something that could be done by a copywriter, you could use that time to grow your business.

2. A Copywriter Knows How to Target Your Niche

You’re not just getting someone who can write fantastic pieces when you employ a copywriter; you’re also getting someone who can effectively convey what it is that you offer. Copywriters are expected to research their target markets thoroughly so that they can provide relevant, authoritative content that makes them perfect for writing for your niche audience.

It’s not as easy as it looks to reach your target audience, and despite your best efforts, you still could miss the goal. Copywriters are very good at making sure that every piece of content they write is aimed at the right audience for their clients. This brings in great, free traffic from Google and your social media channels. With an increase in traffic comes an opportunity to generate additional leads from your existing audience.

3. A Copywriter Can Evoke Feelings that Draw People In Again and Again

The best web content is always convincing. But not everyone possesses the ability to craft convincing content that drives leads deeper into the purchase funnel without sounding like a used-car salesman.

Copywriters understand the need to persuade their clients’ target audiences through their writing without resorting to overtly salesy language. Without the experience to strike the right balance between persuasion and salesmanship, your own content may come off as overly salesy to your readers.

A copywriter can make your product or service more engaging and can highlight the best qualities of your business. To write in a way that assumes no prior information on the part of the reader, copywriters will put themselves in the shoes of their target audience.

4. A Copywriter Creates Fresh and Various Content 

Although lengthier pieces continue to rank higher in Google’s search results, it’s important to provide a range of content lengths for your readers to select from. This might include anything from a short piece (350–500 words) to a lengthy piece (1,000–2,500 words)

Some readers may prefer reading a shorter piece of content while some prefer longer ones. A copywriter can ensure that all content is created to varying lengths to allow this flexibility while meeting the same high standards.

When you make a copy, you don’t just write blog posts and web content. You also make copies for different formats. You can hire copywriters who specialize in writing engaging captions for videos, photos, and infographics to post on your social media pages and blogs. There are copywriters that are well-rounded in all aspects of content formats, as well as those who specialize in specific formats to increase their effectiveness.

A copywriter may easily produce a blog piece that can then be split down into multiple formats. This allows your material to be repurposed and distributed to a wider audience. It’s a smart strategy to cater to everyone’s preferences by providing content in multiple formats. It doesn’t matter what route you take, a copywriter can assist you to produce the various forms of material you’ll need.

5. A Copywriter is Good at SEO Copywriting

Google is fantastic for increasing traffic to your store or business, which in turn increases your sales. But with so many updates to the search engine’s algorithm, it can be difficult to stay on top of things. A new update appears every month or two. It’s the job of a copywriter to stay on top of all the latest developments in the industry.

Aside from being a grammar-nazi which is vital for great SEO, your copywriter will also integrate keywords into the text, page names, and meta descriptions of your website to help you appear on the first page of the search engine result page. 

Copywriters can help you come up with content that brings in organic traffic, like posts for social media, and content that keeps people on your site once they get to your landing pages. If you can increase your organic traffic, your sales should increase, and you’ll have a blast interacting with all of your new, awesome customers. Make sure that once they start coming, you keep them coming by establishing rapport with them.

6. Hiring a Copywriter is Hiring a Problem-Solver

People visit your website because they believe it will provide them with what they need, be it information, a solution to a problem, a specific product, or a certain service. Your copywriter will combine your brand proposition, place an emphasis on your target audience’s problems (which they may not be aware of), and solve it through the use of a problem-solution copy. Motivating your audience to take action through a compelling call to action.


Hiring a talented copywriter is a long-term investment that will yield many returns. It’s not an afterthought, but rather a crucial part of taking your company to the next level.

Hire a professional copywriter and benefit from their expertise in achieving success. Not only does excellent copywriting help you convert more customers, but it also helps to safeguard your brand.

Ready to take things seriously by investing in a skilled copywriter?

I am here to help! 

Book an appointment with me, and together we can make your business explode with fantastic writing that sells!

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