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About Us

My Story

I’m an SLP gone rogue.

I started my private practice in June 2021. I hated it and everything went wrong. I knew I wanted a business and going into private practice seemed like the most sensible thing to do. But, my heart wasn’t in it, and it showed. I started writing the blog for my website and thought how much more fun that was than actually working with clients (sorry, y’all!).

I didn’t know how I could turn this into a business but inspiration struck and here I am! A writer at heart, I decided to use my SLP knowledge and combine it with my zone of genius, writing.

If you hate writing but love seeing clients, then we’re a perfect fit, now aren’t we? You can spend hours writing your content and blog or you can spend that time seeing clients and making money while I take care of the rest.

I am here to take your private practice to the next level and help it soar!

We are driven by values

I value your time, do you?

Many new business owners, SLPs and other health professionals included, think they will save money by doing it all themselves. It sounds like a great plan. Until it isn’t.

Get back to doing what you love most. Let me do the rest.

Super Efficient

You can take care of your business while I take care of you.

Deeply Committed

I care about your business as a whole. I specialize in content, but I guide on the big picture and what’s best for your overall business, not just pieces of it.

Highly Skilled

As an SLP, I provide evidence-based therapy. As a content writer, I provide evidence based content and results that can be measured.

Asya Krengauz

Owner and SLP gone rogue

George Williams


Pat Arnaiz

Kick ass virtual assistant